dbQwikSite Personal Edition

dbQwikSite Personal Edition 5.1

Creates and manages databases for Web sites
5.1 (See all)
Build a custom database by using the web code generator to avoid manual programming. It comes with a number of templates for making online catalogs, web stores, B2B applications, online lists and reports, etc. The suite works with HTML, ASP and PHP platforms.

dbQwikSite PE :Free Database Web Site Builder Software
Personal Edition is a starter version of dbQwikSite. It is an intelligent code generator saving hours of tedious web programming. Absolutely no coding required.

Highlight Features:
-Generates complete interactive database web sites with no coding.
-Generates both ASP and PHP scripts for deployment to any server.
-Host on either Unix or Windows.
-Works with most popular databases such as: MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL
-Creates record search and display pages.
-Export web record sets to PC.
-Creates data entry pages with data validation.
-Integrated web publishing support.
-Integrated database management tools.
-Database "Up Sizing" and "Down Sizing" and conversion support.
-Integrated Security.
-Complete PC Test Environment.
-Localization Support.
-Extensive support for controlling and customizing page appearance

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